Meet the Team!

A warm welcome from the Blue Explorers Team from Abades Bay on the island of Tenerife!

  • Arjan

    Nationality: Dutch, OWSI
    Languages spoken:Dutch (native), English, German and Spanish
    - Our water freak likes all water sports, don´t be surprised if you see him passing by on a windsurf after a day of diving...


  • Cindy

    Nationality:Dutch, OWSI
    Languages spoken: Dutch (native), English, German and Spanish. (All of them loudly!)
    - Feeling a bit down, have a chat with Cindy! Bad weather, economic crisis, no worry Cindy is always smiling and laughing!

  • Ronald

    Nationality: Dutch
    Staff Instructor
    Languages spoken:Dutch (native), English, German and Spanish after a few beers.
    - Ronald is our handy man and is a bit crazy in a good way. He´s the eldest in the house but you´d never think it!

  • Cornel

    Nationality: Polish
    IDC Staff
    Languages spoken:Polish (native), English
    - A quiet and unassuming guy with a fabulously dry sense of humour! Don´t test his Spanish though, he may have already signed away a kidney signing his apartment contract!

  • Leif

    Nationality: German
    Languages spoken: German (native) and English.
    - A big Metal fan! Don´t be fooled by the accent – he really is German, but you´ll realise this when you see the German efficiency! He´s also the “Seahorse King”, he finds them nearly every dive.

  • Nikkii

    Nationality: English
    OWSI & Freediving Instructor
    Languages spoken: English
    - Our proper English teacher

  • Heikki Korpela

    Nationality: Finnish
    IDC Staff
    Languages:Finnish (native), English.

  • Mika

    Nationality: Spanish
    Languages: Dogs (native)
    - our whoopie...

  • Damien

    Nationality: French
    Languages: French, English

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