Certified Divers

Diving in Gran Canaria - something for everyone!

We plan two dives per day, in order to have time to make a surface interval and to eat something. Depending on the dive site, the transit time will range from 5 min (house wrecks!) to half and hour. Each dive is approximately 45 minutes, depending on the depth and experience of the divers. We dive in small groups of 2 - 6 divers, accompanied by one of our qualified divemasters, who serves as a guide underwater and ensures the safety of our divers. Depth limits are set according to the qualification of the divers, so don't forget certification cards, logbook (download logbook page here) and dive insurance.

There is no problem if you are certified through an other diving agency (for example BSAC, CMA, FFESSM BARAKUDA, NOB, etc.) Included in our diving service is an experienced dive guide, and the diving groups are limited to a certain number.

We take the semi-rigid boat out on a daily basis, alternating between the sites we will take you to, depending on the weather conditions and your qualifications. We will make sure that you get to see the nices dive sites during your stay on Gran Canaria - and whats even better: most of these great sites are only a short ride from our dive base!

Dive Packages

We offer the following packages:
- 6 dives (3 days)
- 10 dives (5 days)
- 15 dives (7 days with a night dive included)

Our clients can choose which days they want to dive and don't have to take all days in a row.

Instructors and Divemaster Teams

The Blue Explorers TM Dive Center team consists of Instructors and Divemasters from many different countries in Europe, according to the nationalities of our guests. Our team members are all professionals and are selected on their experience and motivation.

For all diving activities a medical statement is obliged to be signed at our center prior to commencement of activities, furthermore, we recommend that holiday insurance that covers diving is taken.

Gran Canaria's Dive Sites

Visit the Marine Reserve "El Cabron", the artifical reef build by the students of Las Palmas, the Pasito Blanco reef or if you wish, we will take you to the wrecks of Las Palmas. Just off our doorstep, 5 minutes by boat from the bay of Taurito, you will find the wrecks of Mogan, an amazing dive site which holds the Mogan Fotosub Underwater Championships every year! We also offer wreck dives in Las Palmas!

For more information on dive sites, please refere to DIVE SITES PAGE.

Looking for some extra?...

Finally, to spice up your pleasure we realise these underwater excursions day or night with or without special equipment (buddy phones, video, underwater scooters). All these activities are carried out in complete safety and a secure organization.

Dive Clubs

Packages for clubs including pleasure dives and courses can be organized by either using the club instructors to undertake the training with our staff as guides, or using our qualified instructors, for more information please contact us.

More information for certified divers on Gran Canaria

Download dive log book and medical certificate